Favorite YA of 2024?

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“I have spent so much time waiting for the world to end I missed every clue that it was putting itself back together.”

Y’all remember that movie Warm Bodies from 2013? I couldn’t help but think of this movie the entire time I read Hearts Still Beating. Mix that with a bit of what Judith is probably like today from The Walking Dead, and you have this mother freaking YA GEM.

I cannot explain how much I loved this book. It was snarky, dry humor, right v wrong, post apocalyptic, dark, so freaking good. I got angry, I get very sad, I giggled, all the things. This gripped me from the start and never let go. Mara was my favorite character ever, and I loved being able to be inside her head (move over, Tick)

Audio was phenomenal. Dual POVs really hit the mark with each character’s personality. They really set the tone for this book and I just could not get enough of Hearts Still Beating.

This is YA done right. Definitely favorite book of March top contender. Out April 2nd, yall better grab it.