A Zombie Romance

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For anyone who enjoys post-apocalyptic books, add this book to your list. Rory and Mara were two teenage best friends who hadn't quite come to terms with their feelings for each other when their whole world was turned upside down. A parasite that turned people into "Ticks" led to the zombie apocalypse.

The book takes place after a possible cure is developed, and Rory and Mara meet each other once again. Only this time, Rory was changed by the past and Mara was changed by the parasite. Is it possible to trust somebody after watching the violence that they are capable of? After watching them become something less than human?

Hearts Still Beating was a good read and is sure to capture your attention. Even if you survive a zombie apocalypse, you have to learn to survive the world that comes after it. Mara and Rory have to navigate life and love in the wake of the disaster.