A Post-Apocalyptic Zombie Lesbian Romance

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Best friends, first kiss, separated by the apocalypse, enemies, friends, lovers. This book was such a ride. It is a fast-paced zombie, turned civil story that re-unites two old friends. And the best part was the slow-burn of the romance between Mara and Rory - Mara, who was infected and somewhat cured; Rory, who had to step up and keep her family alive after her mom fell apart.

Whatever you think, this book will throw you for a loop. Once I started reading, there was no way I could stop until the very last word. Everything in me said that this would only end in disaster, especially with the last few chapters' drama and mayhem. But I was pleasantly surprised by the twist at the end that made all the build-up worth it.

The pacing of this book was utter perfection, balancing the relationships you get to see, with the action of a post-apocalyptic world. There was betrayals, misunderstandings, drama and family heartbreak. It all made for a wonderfully rich plot you want to read more of. I would even love to see some other character's stories...