We love a zombie apocalypse

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I feel for Mara, especially since she has so little control over what happened to her and she is now not only being judged because of it, but still has so little control over her situation.

On the flip side, I get Aurora's hesitation and pushback on the situation given the context of everything. I mean first of all, her best friend is a tick/zombie. Second of all, that zombie is coming to live with her family which is horrifying even if it's her best friend. (spoilers) Thirdly, that best friend killed her own parents and has done bad things while being a zombie. And this is also considering how she had to kill her adoptive sister for also becoming a tick in order to protect her family. (End Spoilers)

I definitely think the rest of this book is going to be an interesting read but I can't wait to be able to read it.