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When I read the sneak peek of Grief and Grit's I knew it was going to be an intense story. It is a daughter’s story about losing her mother during the COVID pandemic. It is heartbreaking but unfortunately not what I expected. While completely heartbreaking and I cannot even imagine the pain I couldn’t connect. I think it was the tone of the story it jumped around the pace was way too fast and I felt like author spent so much time trying to be perfect like she thought her mom was. Rather than expressing how much she loves and misses her. That might sound odd but she came across so cross at times. Other times very judgmental like at this stage of life you do this… one thing she kept repeating throughout the book was that she referred to her mom as her baby. That was very strange and creepy to me. The Benjamin button reference was really again odd. While this was a wonderful tribute to her mom this one wasn’t for me.