Heart strings will be pulled

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This book pulls you in. Rebecca is an amazing writer. She knows how to suck you in and constantly want more. I got sucked in immediately and had a hard time stepping away. Heart throbs, tears, laughter. You will feel it all.
From the get go I wanted more and more. These characters and the growth they go through is something you can’t look away from.
Tears were to be shed. Right along with some laughs and snorts. It’s a many emotions book. The type that may spit you out but lick you back up.
Thank gods for Rebecca and her amazing writing skills to suck you into a book when needing an escape. She always pulls through and makes you forget your not actually living in the book your reading at that time.
I can’t say enough good things about This book and the writing. I am a huge fan. I don’t give a lot of full 5 stars for reviews but I will hands down any time when it’s meant to be.