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Camden Daniels hasn't been back to the small town of Alba since he buried his younger brother. Cam swore he'd never come back, especially when everyone blames him for his brother's death. But when his father calls him begging for him to come back because of the early-onset Alzheimer's he's suffering from; Cam packs his bags and heads back home to secrets that should've stayed buried and the woman he's never stopped loving but can't have.

WHAT A STORY!!! I swear my heart has imploded from the slow burn. Like could it have been any slower!?!

I loved this so much, from the small town atmosphere, to Cam's bad boy persona and then to Willow's loveliness and tenacity in the face of bad odds. There was so much going on in this book and nothing was ever easy for Cam. He suffers from PTSD, guilt, anger issues and having been perceived as bad for so long the townspeople will never let him break out of that mold. But then there's Willow, his younger brother's ex-fiancee. Willow has her own secrets about Camden Daniels and she's afraid they're written all over her face. It doesn't help that her mother, sister and best friend seem to believe she and Cam are starcrossed lovers.

I loved Cam and Willow so much. The yearning these two had for each other was so intense I wanted to strangle them both until they'd admit their feelings. But slow burn is my favorite trope to watch. There's something so satisfying about being tortured with the possibility and then the sweet victory when it finally happens. And that's what this was, pure torture until sweet bliss. I loved this romance so much.

But that's not all there is. Cam comes back to take care of his father who wants a "do not resuscitate" order, but older brother, Xander, won't let him have it. The only problem is Xander is the prodigal golden boy and the town mayor. I could understand Xander's reasons, but Cam was the one in the right. His father should be able to choose what happens to his body no matter what. Seeing these two brothers take on each other was nothing short of heart wrenching, but damn seeing Cam work his way into the town's good graces was something else.

Plus then there was the craziness that was the ending! So much was revealed and I was left with some major whiplash. Everything clicked like a puzzle piece though and I loved it. Such a good ending. I'm ready to read this again.