Rom-Com mixed with a little mystery

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So I've only started reading some romance for about a year and a half now and I am still going through the genres to get a feel of what I like. I was never a romance reader but it has really expanded the last couple of years.

With that, after reading the excerpt, I already have "eh" feelings about it. This seems to be one of the troupes that are in many romance novels where the strong, emotionally unavailable male is "rescued" by an old flame and learns to love again while both battling against family/personal issues. It is also military romance and that is something I am still having a hard time getting into.

However, reading the first look, there is witty banter, strained family relationships, and some mystery to start you off. It is very well written and looks like it will be a good one, just not sure if it's for me. But I know many will love it, especially romance readers.