Bothersome Military Issues in the Book

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The sample started at Chapter 3, which was jarring. Apparently, a lot had already happened (such as Camden getting shot by his father with a shotgun at close range?!), so I felt a little lost. Additionally, even with a bulletproof vest, Camden would be in a LOT of pain. And why was he even wearing the vest in the first place?

I am in the military, so I am particularly sensitive to errors in books regarding the military. You don't just get to keep your so-called "personal gear" when you get out of the military. That stuff is expensive, ESPECIALLY bulletproof plates and plate carriers! It would actually be cheaper to buy a bulletproof vest from a military surplus store or police supply shop than it would to keep the one you'd been issued in the military. Based on the most recent prices I could find for Army-issued gear, the plate carrier (the vest) would cost about $1300 and the individual bulletproof plates would cost $600 each (one for the front, and one for the back). And if he had one of the super ridiculous plate carriers with added arm, side, neck, and groin protection, the price would be significantly higher. You can purchase a complete bulletproof vest with plates for $250 online, so you can see why this bothers me!

I really liked the dialogue between the characters and the storyline, but I won't be able to take this book seriously if the rest of it contains unbelievable scenarios like what I've mentioned above.