An unwelcome soldier comes home to face his past

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The emotions in this book just jump off the page from the beginning. Camden Daniels has returned home to the little town of Alba to help his brother Xander care for their father Art. Art has dementia, possibly Alzheimer’s, but he remembers that he hates his son Cam. Cam has to fact the obstacle of his father’s hatred as well as facing his deceased brother’s former girlfriend, Willow. Willow and Cam have a past that is definitely hinted at in the first view. Cam’s dad blames him for his brother Sullivan’s death, and, truth be told, Cam lives with that guilt because he also blames himself. Returning home is not with a warm welcome as most veterans would expect. Instead, Cam is sent to stay at his Uncle Cal’s old house, the one he inherited when his uncle died. He knows he can’t stay in his own home because his father has already tried to shoot him, so who knows what he might do next? Is it because Art’s brain is addled or because the hatred he feels for Cam is burned so deeply into his soul that all he can think of is killing his son? I really want to know how these relationships turn out and how Camden maneuvers the “killing fields” of his hometown.