Loved it.

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I've had a lot of firsts this year. First time reads that is. Another new to me author that I will be looking out for. This book was great.

This is a dark story but it has a lot of things that I didn't expect. From fear to laughter to holding my breath. Yes there is a serial killer out there murdering teen boys. Cutting them open. Yes the killer is evil to the core. Yes he went through a lot in his life. Not an excuse for what he is doing though. I have to admit that I laughed in parts in a scene close to the end. I could not help it and believe anyone reading will do the same. Though I felt bad for the woman and I kind of felt bad for the killer during that scene. It didn't last long though. The feeling bad for him. I also had the killer narrowed down to two people, him being one of them. I was right and it did not at all in anyway take away from the story.

This town is rocked by the murder of a teenage boy. A boy who wasn't even missed by his so called family. "Aw he's just staying with a friend."Yeah right. What mother does not know where her child is. Well obviously this one didn't. I did not like her at all. My heart broke for Shane. He did not deserve anything that happened to him. Most importantly being killed. He had a horrible life at, well I would not call it home, that house. He was well loved by his friends though.

When Shane's body was discovered the other teens in his life were scared. Who could have done such a horrid thing. Who might be next. Though they should maybe have taken it a bit more series. A killer was among them. When the next boy is murdered the two remaining, Ethan and Sohpie, are truly terrified. Ethan is convinced that he will be next. Sohpie's dad is a detective and her mother is a nut. She is still so afraid though. She and Ethan decide to stick together. To leave town and find a safe place but it's not meant to be....

This book is a story of such deep loss. You will see what makes a serial killer. Or at least this one. The depths a mother will go for her child. To keep that child protected. The people in the town of Granite Harbor, Maine are faced with something dark and sinister. Why is this happening in their small town. Who's child is next???