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Title: Granite Harbor
Author: Peter Nichols
Blurb: A small town in coastal Maine is shaken to its core by a serial killer in this crime novel from Peter Nichols, bestselling author of The Rocks

I am continuously finding myself reading true crime books and suspense thrillers, so this book was the next on my to-be-read list. I enjoyed this book, I found it intriguing and interesting, so I found myself trying so hard to find any second, minute, or hour where I could sit down and read just a page or two (or a few chapters hahah) of this book.

This cover, I truly do enjoy looking at this book's cover. I like the brokenness of the beach harbor bridge, I think it shows the intrigue that this book is holding and storing within its pages.

I am curious to see what other amazing things this author continues to write, as they are on a great literary path currently.