Gruesome murder mystery

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Alex is a small town writer turned detective in Granite Harbor, Maine. In a town where murder is rare, Alex is tasked with solving the gruesome murder of a local teen boy. Alex also has personal motivation to solve the murder, especially after another teenager is killed in the same way. He works together with Isabel as they both race to keep their own teenage children safe as they are part of same friendship group as the murdered adolescents.
This book follows a fairly typical murder mystery plot in which the author includes some chapters that reveal the killer’s background and ways of thinking. No surprise that he comes from a background of abuse and bullying. The author also steers the reader towards a particular “obvious” suspect which readers of this genre will recognize as a diversion. I did think that some of the character development was good and the story was entertaining until it turned completely gruesome to an extreme about halfway through. These graphic descriptions of violence towards animals and young people were not only shocking and disturbing but completely unnecessary to the story. Unfortunately, I would not recommend this book to anyone because of this.