Gruesome murder

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Alex is a detective in a small town in Maine. He has been called to a murder scene where the victim is a friend of his high school aged daughter. As he works on this case, we begin to see the case through the killers eyes and the book turns pretty weird. Many of the townsfolk work at the Settlement, which is an old timey reenactment village where everyone dresses in period clothes. The first victim is found at the Settlement, so we learn how the two are connected. Soon after, another teenager is murdered and they are best friends. The parents in the town are worried that there is a serial killer after the teenagers, Not a bad book, but it is pretty gruesome if you don’t like that sort of thing - think Silence of the Lambs(ish). There is also animal mutilation in the book if you are triggered. I didn’t love this book but also didn’t hate it. I am giving it three stars.