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The people of Granite Harbor, a town with a small close-knit community, are left in shock when one of their teenagers is found brutally murdered and then left hung up on display at a local historic attraction site call The Settlement. The towns only detective, Alex Brangwen, is tasked with finding the killer. But Alex is rookie detective and has no experience with murder investigations.

The stakes turn high when a second murder rocks the community and the victim is another close friend of Alex's daughter which makes him question who will be next.

The book was very good. I loved how the author adds in brief glimpses from the killers perspective from his early childhood to how he became what he was. It really added to the story. And the book moved at a really good pace which made it very difficult to put down. I'd love to see this one made into a TV series, without the animal cruelty which was hard to stomach.

Overall I easily give this book a 4 star review and recommend it.