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This is a really clever and twisty thriller that uses an unknown narrator for a past POV while keeping the reader on their toes in the present.

The town of Granite Harbor is shocked by the death of a teen boy; a grisly murder and a bizarre clue left behind hints this is something the killer may have done before. This is the first murder that detective, Alex Brangwen, father and failed novelist, has faced in his career. Emotions are high in this small town and the pressure is on Alex to solve this murder before the killer strikes again.

Isabel, single mother to Ethan, is doing her best to keep a roof over their head. Ethan and the murder victim were best friends since birth and Ethan isn’t coping well with his death. When another friend is found murdered in the same gruesome fashion, Alex and Isabel work together to uncover who the killer is.

Small town intricacies and all its particulars play a big part in how this story plays out. Just how well do we know our neighbors and friends? Our co-workers? How many times do we say, ‘Yeah, they’re an odd duck but wouldn’t harm a fly”. It’s this sort of teasing out of the story that the author does so well. It plays on all the secondary characters oddities and personalities, making everyone a suspect. Very well done!

I like that the author brought in a little touch of the supernatural/paranormal – nothing over the top – just a bit to give an edge to the story. I think it really added to the suspense and brought one of the characters involvement to another level.

The use of an unknown narrator in the past gives a chilling insight into the very sick mind of a serial killer while working beautifully with the present time narrative.

This is my first book by Peter Nichols but I’ll be looking into his backlist!