Not sure how I feel about the book yet...

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I am on the fence with how to express this book thoroughly. Its a K-pop horror that will definitely have you on the edge of your seat wondering what is going on and when the next twist will happen. By the midpoint I was confused as to who the monster was and where the threat was truly coming from. It definitely will make you wonder about what is really going on under the surface of the competition for the next big star.

Following Sunday (Sunny), learning about her life with Candice and Mina on the set of Sweet Cadence and then the tragedy that led to Mina's death, while also following Sunny's present life as she tries to reconnect with Candice and learn what happened with Mina that led to her death, causes such a tense and thrilling story to unfold.

I did not see the ending coming, and cannot explain to you what an interesting twist it ended up being. Linda captured a vivid and imaginative plot, and I would definitely want to read more by this author!!