I loved this book!

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This book would make such a good horror film. The concept was so interesting, and the writing was very visual, allowing you to imagine everything as you read it in real time. The tension between Candice and Sunday was invigorating, and the themes explored in this book such as the impossible beauty standards for female popstars, specifically female K-pop idols. I enjoyed Sunday's character very much, and I really felt for her throughout the entire book whenever she was reminded of her friend's death and the loss of her friendship with Candice. The story about the celestial maiden was absolutely spell-binding, however, and I loved the twist at the end where it's revealed that the disciples actually tortured the celestial maiden for years on end in fear of losing their gifts and beauty. The curse the disciples faced were their faces would turn into the maiden's felt like an allegory for losing yourself in fame and becoming someone you don't recognize. The friendship between Candice, Mina, and Sunday was beautifully written, and the past and present chapters fit each other perfectly. This story was both beautifully paced and written, and I can't wait to read the sequel!