I Liked It A Lot!!

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This was such a refreshing read. I don't think I've ever read something like this before, from the horrifying visuals, to the backstory, to the main character's ambition, this was addicting and I couldn't out it down.

Gorgeous Gruesome Faces revolves around Sunny Lee, a former teen popstar who's career ended after a devastating accident left her heartbroken (which we later find out what really happened). When she finds out that her former friend and cast member is attending a kpop workshop, she decides to sign up in order to figure out just what happened that night. But nothing is as it appears and there's an ancient darkness that resides just underneath the surface.

I liked the main character, Sunny, enough. She was stubborn and knows how to stand up for herself. But she's also kind and caring and we can see that in the way she likes to interact with fans. She knows when to befriend and how to talk to others. This wasn't just a story about the dark side of the entertainment industry, but also the history of Sunny. We learn about her home life and her parents, and even see her fall in love. It's hard not to root for her.

What I really loved was the horror aspect of all this. From the gruesome descriptions, to the paranoia lurking just around the corner, it's enough to make the reader question just what exactly is going on. It's not just a cut throat competition where someone might be out to sabotage you, but something a lot more sinister underneath. I don't want to give away too much (because spoilers), but there are hidden agendas and darkness masquerading as talent competition that dates back to an ancient and supernatural myth.

Over all, this was such a good read. It was addicting and thrilling and a fresh new spin on the cut throat world of the entertainment industry.