Great YA Horror

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shradha rawat Avatar


I have often felt that YA horror is a grossly overlooked genre that needs more attention. I am glad to say that not only is "Gorgeous Gruesome Faces" a good addition to said genre, but it is also a great addition for diversity in horror literature, both from an Asian and LGBT representation perspective. Is it a bit campy? Perhaps. But that is part of where the fun lies!

The best way for me to describe this book is to think of the sapphic vibes of "Jennifer's Body" (with thankfully less queer-baiting), the uber capitalistic/exploitative themes of "Squid's Game," and the horror elements of another great YA book I read recently "I Feed Her to the Beast and the Beast is Me" all joined together. If any of those elements appeal to you, then more likely than not, "Gorgeous Gruesome Faces" will as well, regardless of whether you are into the K-pop/K-drama scene.