Gorgeous gruesome debut!

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Gorgeous Gruesome Faces by Linda Cheng is an absolutely stunning debut! The story follows Sunny, who has been struggling to put herself back together after a fall from teen pop-star fame and a falling out with her ex-groupmate Candie, who Sunny has developed a bit of an obsession with. What’s more is Sunny is having hallucinations of her dead group mate while at a K-pop workshop at which her competitors begin to suffer eerie injuries and accidents. Sunny’s grim, desperate, and angsty world gripped me from the very start. The story is paced at breakneck speed with all the cut-throat competition, vicious cattiness, alliances, secrets, and shocking twists you expect in a horror set against the glittering backdrop of teen beauty and fame. Through it all, Linda Cheng maintains a gritty and grim atmosphere that strikes an unsettling yet alluring tone as she depicts every flawless dance routine, flashback scene, or tense interaction. This book was impossible to put down and I ended up reading it in a single day!