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Picked this one up because the Goodreads synopsis says it's a horror/thriller with former idols reconnecting to unravel the truth about one of their members plus sapphic representation so I immediately added Gorgeous Gruesome Faces in my 2024 priority TBR.

Interesting premise about a former idol who wants to know the truth about the death of her member (Mina) only to uncover much more sinister and otherworldly things during the process.

Okay, I didn't know that this is a duology, my bad. But I was a bit disappointed that the story ended when things are finally amping up.

For now, I will give this one three stars because I felt like this book was extended for the sake of prolonging the plot so things will end in that scene but will update once I read the second book.

Overall, I enjoyed this one but I'm more invested about what will happen about Candice's power after they ended their connection.