Far different than I was expecting!

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This young adult debut is listed as a thriller, but I would most definitely categorize it as a horror. A pretty good horror at that!
Linda Cheng beautifully combines the modern world of East Asian pop-dom with a history of her own making, in this horrific world. She introduces readers backstage to the world of raising children into Idols, into all the expectations the parents, the industry, and the fans place on these children, into all the pressure placed on their shoulders. We get to go behind the scenes of all the glam we see, to be revealed to the real horrors of the children entertainment industry. It is no different than former child stars coming forward now with all the abuse they've gone through. These girls trying to be idols go through that same abuse.
But they go through an entirely different world too, full of celestial beings, ghosts, and true horror they never could imagine before.
It's hard enough trying to be an Idol. It's impossible trying to be an idol when your best friend is blessed by a deity.