I’m in Awe!!! 5 Stars!!!!!

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I’m Totally in Awe!! This book -a memoir- sounds terrific!! I can hardly wait to get a copy of this book for my own collection & I’d also love to buy one for my mom, who essentially turned my cat-loving-most-of-all heart into that of mainly a dog-lover’s heart, but I’ll still always love cats, too. I wanna say…about the synopsis, I’m thoroughly enjoying it & interested in buying a copy or two or more (the others would be for some of my friends & my Grama). They’re all dog-lovers, as am I, through & through. I hope others will give this awesome sounding book a chance to prove true what I already know …A dog’s love is pure, unconditional & eternal. Love itself is a blessing when it’s formed in truth, trust & compassion, esp. from a dog. I’m so excited to read this!!!