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I love the gold of the cover. It's a nice touch, but i do have to say i feel like the cover was missing a "pop" of something to catch the eye.

The summary of the book does a great job catching your interest and giving you an idea of what to expect from the book.

I have to say I've NEVER seen or heard of a retelling of the fairytaile Rumpelstiltskin - So I was definitely intrigued by the idea. I couldn't wait to read the book and see what it was going to be.

It started off a tad slow for me. My add means I need to really be drawn in within the first 2-3 chapters, so I had to power through the first few chapters and force it. It picked up a little as we went on.. but honestly? I wish there was "more" in the first quarter of the book to keep you reading.

Once it did pick up, whew child, it was GREAT. From the half way point on, I could NOT stop reading, and I truly could not wait to see what happened next.

I'll check out others by this author, for sure.