Super excited for this book!

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As someone who grew up in a family watching, reading, and just love everything about fairy tales, this is really one of the exciting reimagined fairy tale books out there!

Gilded has the elements of the Grimm Brothers' Rumplestiltskin. It is one of the stories that make my hair stand up as it always creeped me out when I was a kid.

This fantasy follows Serilda who is captured by Erlking and is punished for her lies. With an impossible bargain to spin the straws into gold in exchange for her life, Serilda already accepted her fate when a poltergeist named Gild appears! But Gild's magical abilities come with a price. Will Serilda be able to learn and give the love Gild demands? Can you truly force yourself to love someone you do not love?

I won't be including spoilers here but Marissa Meyer did a wonderful job with this awesome retelling. If you are truly into dark and mysterious fantasy, this gothic fairy tale is definitely worthy to be in your TBR pile!

If you read the first impression, you will begin to ask many questions! What happens to Serilda and Gild? Why does the king, who is a powerful magician, want the spun gold? How will Serilda end this ancient curse in the king's castle?