Loved it!

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I'm familiar with Marissa Meyer's work, having the entire Lunar Chronicles series which was written by her. And I am a huge fan of a well-crafted retelling. So I was excited to take an early sneak peek at this particular treatment of the Rapunzel tale. I'm captivated by the relationship between Serilda and the students, as well as how clearly defined those students' characters are. Meyer does a beautiful job of introducing the students to the reader and making it easier for the reader to remember them without being too pedantic or boring with the exposition. Rather than just lumping them together as "the students" Meyer has taken the time to give them unique traits that make it easy to "tell them apart." I especially enjoy the character of Anna. Having been a teacher in the past myself, she reminds me of some of the more adventurous students I've had.

I look forward to diving into another one of Meyer's fairytale treatments a