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I have been waiting for more from this author and super stoked to read the start of this one! First of all, you had me at witch. I love they way she develops the characters, this is something Meyer does particularly well in each of her installments. I like getting the feel for the character, her relationship with her father, and I can't wait to dive more into this one and find out what happens.

This book feels like a dark fairy tale from the start and I was able to pick up quickly its a gothic Rumplestiltskin. I'm here for it. I loved her other retellings and this one based on what I read is going to be a great ride. I'm already rooting for the main character.

I'm super hopeful this will be a series like the Lunar Chronicles, so I had to sneak a peek at Good Reads to verify...let's hope this takes off because I want to have this one (and its friends) on my shelf!