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Serilda tells stories. She tells them to entertain, to get out of trouble. One night she has the misfortune of meeting of meeting the Erlking and his hunt. The story she weaves saves her that night. Until it doesn’t. Commanded by the Erlking to spin straw into gold, Serilda is certain she will die when she can not complete the task. Then a mysterious boy arrives just in time to help her, for a price.
The worldbuilding in Gilded is rich and full. The mystical creatures and the magic come alive under Meyer’s pen. Meyer has made a cast of characters to fill her world that are each unique.
Meyers lyrical prose is enchanting. Not a word misplaced. Every sentence sings. I had a hard time putting this book down. The plotting was masterful, the twists and turns and how Meyers ties everything together. It is was really enjoyable to read.
Marissa Meyers again delivers an excellent fairy tale retelling with all the heart, excitement, drama, romance, and mystery one has come to expect from her. She is at her best in this book. I am excitedly looking forward to the conclusion. 5/5