The Woman with a Bruise on her left knee!

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Freddy Ferguson is in the airport when he notices a woman being held by a suspicious looking man who has his hand wrapped around her wrist. Out of curiosity, he follows to see what happens. She is escorted to her flight and then the man leaves her there after whispering something in her ear. The plane is going to Honolulu.

After her captor leaves and she looks around, she get out of the ramp and flees into the concourse. After entering a bathroom she comes out completely different and Freddy is intrigued. He knows something is up.

After he gets off the plane where he has gone to, his boss sent him a message to call as soon as he gets into Washington Dulles. He happens to look up at the CNN screen and the airplane the woman was supposed to take blew up and fell into the sea! He just knows he has to find her!

Freddie and his boss are hired to look into the plane crash, what happened and who is responsible. A cell phone video shows the plane blowing up in mid air. While his boss goes to San Francisco he starts his own investigation, and it quickly turns into an investigation of many people in high places guilty of every crime there is-money laundering, gambling, drug trafficking, as well as drug use by members of political and law enforcement.

This book is fast paced, has a great plot that twists and turns and I never saw what was coming around the corner! All the characters are well developed, and this book is amazing! I love this book and hope tp read more by this author!

I gave this book 5 suspenseful stars!