Loved This Fast Paced Airline Thriller

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When I originally read the few preview pages, I knew I would like this book... and i was right! The book never lets up on its fast-paced investigation of a suspicious airline "incident" that killed everyone on board. The catch is (and this is not really a spoiler if you read the preview since it happens right off the bat) the question of who was truly on board. Author Andrew Diamond creates some interesting and unlikable characters which add depth to the personal life of the first person narrator: from sleezy Lomax, the FBI guy who tries to hit on a girl at a funeral, to the verbally cruel ex-wife of the first person narrator. A reader will not want to skim a single page, and the reward will be the unexpected sentences that have you cheering for the good guy investigator. This is a book you will recommend to a friend who wants an interesting story.