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just couldn't get into it.

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The premise for Gate 76 was ... great. It really was. But somewhere along the lines, this book just did not work out. I had such a difficult time trying to finish this book that ultimately I couldn't. And I really HATE not finishing a book.

The description / summary of the book caught my eye, and I really thought this book would be a hit. Gate 76 follows main character Freddy - an ex-boxer turned PI. Freddy just so happens to be at the airport when a flight blows up mid-air. Sounds crazy, right? The airline hires Freddy's company to investigate the incident. Their digging finds out that this goes way beyond a simple case of terrorism.

Initially the book moved at a fast-paced, but around the half-way mark, it started dragging. I think it focused too much on Freddy's story and not on the actual plot/airport incident. The book just didn't work for me.