Well developed fantasy world and characters!

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Garden of the cursed is a young adult fantasy that follows the main character Marlow, a curse breaker, as she embarks on a mystery alongside the boy with whom she shares an unfortunate past. Even more unfortunate is that she’ll have to fake date him for her plans to work and to solve the mystery of her mothers disappearance.

Katy Rose Poole has built a fantasy world that is so interesting and well-developed. It sets Marlow up perfectly for a complicated but well paced plot that hooked me from the start and never let go! Marlow herself is a character I was rooting for all along even as I was rooting for her fake dating scheme to get the better of her. The romance is a fun side plot that eases the tension of the main plot itself. That is when it’s not at the peak of complications and twists!

This book was a surprisingly fun read that was easy to follow and hard to put down! I highly recommend this to all fantasy fans!