Twisty and Mysterious Fantasy

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4.75 stars
This book was SO OOOD?!?!?!
I need more people to read this book. I loved Marlow as a main character. She was feisty and easy to connect with. The story was fast paced and twisty, and I loved the romance. I’m such a fan of when the MC and love interest have a history prior to the book. It just adds a whole other level to their interactions, and Pool executed that perfectly. Adrius had his faults, but he was lovable. and I couldn't help but root for him and Marlow.
Both the mystery and fantasy aspects were well balanced. Both were engaging on their own, but together they were an elevated reading experience.
And that's not to mention the ending! I am admittedly not always the best at guessing the twists and reveals in books, especially when you add fantasy elements to the mix. I had my suspicions, but I was still surprised when it all came to light--even though it was pretty much what I had guessed. The tension in those last couple chapters was immaculate. I was almost shaking with adrenaline, I was so invested. I absolutely cannot wait for book 2!