The Muck or the Mirage?

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This one started off a little slow for me, but I definitely got sucked in once I got going. Marlow is a great heroine, confident and quick-thinking but not too fearless to be unrelatable. There’s a great dynamic between her and Adrius as the story unfolds, where the pair are trying to sort out their feelings for each other, while also trying to figure out how the other one really feels. Supporting characters help round out the story, creating alliances expected and unexpected, and possible culprits for the curse on Adrius that brought the pair back together. The settings of the Marsh and the Evergarden directly contrast the haves and have nots and are brought to life beautifully by Pool. I didn’t realize this was the first book in a series so by the end it killed me a little bit that it wasn’t going to be wrapped up, but the ending provides enough surprises to make it satisfying while I now wait for the next book to come out.