Mystery and Magic

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The writing style is one that is easily readable. I love the details put into the world building, such as the descriptions of the characters and the surroundings. It adds to the intensity of the magic. The magic system introduced in this book seems so intriguing. I love an extensive magic system and I would love to know more. The main character seems complex and with secrets that will lead her into some really interesting twists. She's young but has a mind and characterization that appears older. Some find this unappealing, but it leads me to believe there is more to unravel in this story. I want to know more about the curses and how it all works together.
If you love magic, curses, and Crescent City, I believe this will be the book for you. I believe it will take us on a wild ride of heartbreak and intense emotions. I am ready to ride the rollercoaster and dive headfirst into this story!