Loved the magic

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The cover pops with intense colors but I personally feel it didn’t completely fit with the story itself. A less dark image would have been better in my opinion. It doesn’t take away from the book but a good cover helps to connect to the story, I feel.

I loved the magic system in this book. The idea of it being carried via cards was unique and not something I had come across before. I wish the author had gone more in depth with the main characters curse breaking abilities. I was left a little confused by why she couldn’t break A’s curse but was instead searching for who placed it. I also should note I took a break when reading for several months so that could be my fault in forgetting.

I enjoyed the slow burn romance between the two characters but was left frustrated by the main characters lack of ability to actually tell anyone what she was doing or feeling. I get that’s her personality and a character flaw but man was it frustrating! There were so many times I wanted to jump in and say - just explain yourself or just answer the question! A little communication would go a long way for her.

Anyway overall I enjoyed the book. I definitely will read the sequel to find out what happens next! I’m hoping for more of M and A in the second book.