Loved it!

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WOOOOW!!!!!!!! This book has got to be one of my favorite fantasy books! It was a beautiful story and I loved the mystery. I fell in love with these characters at the beginning of this book. Honestly, I am usually not really a fan of fantasy books but this one was really the exception, this book was very easy for me to read and get through, and I could really imagine myself in this book. I also really loved these characters, Adrius and Marlow. At first Marlow and Adrius’s relationship was a bit sad and wasn’t the best, but as the story went on I began to love Marlow’s and Adrius’s relationship. I would definitely love to read this book again. And I also would 100% recommend this book to anyone who looooves to read fantasy!!!!! Even if you don’t really love to read fantasy, I am sure this book will still be an amazing read for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!