Keeps you on the edge of your seat, trying to guess the mystery!

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Fantastic!! This was quite the wild ride! It is such a unique story that grabs you right away and keeps you reading.

Marlow is a very capable girl. She lost her mother and the life of leisure she had, a year before. When she comes face to face with her old life again, and especially the guy she always had a thing for, Adrius, it ends up changing her life again. Marlow is a curse breaker in a world where curses are very common place. Adrius comes to her to ask her to help him, because someone has place a very nasty, life threatening curse on him.

From there Marlow’s life is quite the wild ride, as she discovers one shocking surprise after another, and she has powerful enemies coming after her from all sides.

This has kind of a Veronica Mars vibe to it, where she is trying to find the mystery of her mother, who disappeared, and what happened to her. She finds she has to be careful not to fully trust anyone. The characters are really well written, especially because most of them become suspicious at one point or another. The world is very different. Adrius is part of the wealthy, famous world of people who have that mafia feel. There are other classes of dangerous people, some criminals, some grey area, and then Marloe lives in the marshes, where most poor people live.

I’ll warn you that there is a shocking twist towards the end, that makes you want book two NOW!! But if you enjoy Magic, Thrilling Fantasy, Mystery, NA Romance, and lots of crazy twists and turns, you will thoroughly enjoy this story!!