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Fantasy spell book didn't know it was a series which sometimes I am not a big fan of because of the waiting and having to collect the series to find out what happens next.Good for readers who love fantasy.I like the fact that the main character has an interesting job helping people with curses sounds like an interesting job don't know if I would want.She seems relatable and has her own flaws.The ajersey. did a good job with the writing.I didn't like her love interest he was a jerk.He only wanted to be around her when he needed something.The only reason she decided to help him was getting answers about her missing mother because I guess there was no one else to ask.Some one of the spells I could have done without knowing.I can't wait to read the next book in the series I might buy to find out what happens next.I have a love/hate relationship with fantasy books I'm kinda picky on them.