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A year after Marlow Briggs moves back to the Marshes following the disappearance of her mother she finds herself pulled back into the world of the elite in Evergarden. While reading this I kept thinking I had missed an earlier book in a series since you are thrown in to the story with not a whole lot of context. This book was written in a way that there are comments and facts relayed that feel more like a callback than imparting of information given for the first time. As the book progresses the reader is given more back story and I can see some of the groundwork for more information as the series progresses.
Adrius and Marlow need to do a better job of communicating but I do like their interactions and am looking forward to their story unfolding. I do like the world that is being built here and am interested to see how the story unfolds and meeting more of the characters in this world.