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Garden of the Cursed by Katy Rose Pool is a YA fantasy novel about a girl named Marlow Briggs who is the best cursebreaker in Caraza city but is still haunted by her mother's disappearance. When her former classmate, Adrian Falcrest asks for her help in breaking his curse, Marlow reluctantly agrees because she knows that it's the only way to find the answers she so desperately seeks about her mother.

The author does such a fantastic job developing Marlow's character. She shows that Marlow is strong and determined and brave, but still makes her flawed in a way that's relatable. Although I don't really feel like Marlow changes a lot throughout the book, it doesn't impact my connection with her in a negative way.

Meanwhile, the character of her love interest, Adrius is completely the opposite. He's an absolutely horrible human being. He's embarrassed by Marlow and only wants to be around her when his rich friends aren't there. He expects her to solve all his problems and gets mad at her when she comes up with solutions he doesn't like, although he's not putting in any effort himself.

Overall this book was great even though the beginning was a little slow and the love interest really irked me off.