Great YA series start!

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Awesome start! Garden of the cursed centers around Marlow as she searches to find out what happened to her mother when she disappeared a year ago. In order to survive Marlow has become a very skilled curse breaker. Although Marlow lives in the Marshes, she lived and went to school in Evergarden. Having ties to both the upper and lower class is a very interesting dynamic to the story, and also reveals some interesting relationships. One relationship in particular comes back to life when Marlow is asked for help breaking a curse. There is some really great storyline and world building that happens throughout the story. The rival gangs in the Marshes may not even be the biggest enemy that Marlow and her companions face.
There are a lot of really great and exciting things going on with this book. I love the curses and spell work and how everything is manifested. I like the potential group of people who are trying to take away power from the rich. I also like frenemies to lovers plot and the relationship between Marlow and both old and new friends. The twists are exciting but also very numerous. Marlow practically accuses every single person of being the cursing culprit. For being such a great curse breaker she takes so many shots in the dark. I realize that there is a time limit for her to crack the case, but the blind accusations and decision making make her character a little annoying, brash and immature. I also don’t like the cliffhanger, but what a great plot twist…I get it. I can’t wait for the next book to see what happens next for Marlow, Adrius and the rest of the gang. I voluntarily reviewed this after receiving a free copy.