Fantasy/Mystery Page Turner!

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I was obsessed with this book! The cover is breathtaking and eye catching and makes you want to read it automatically. This is probably one of my favorite fantasy books I’ve read in a while, I was fully immersed in Marlow’s world and her struggles. As the type of girl who doesn’t like to read fantasy because it’s confusing, this book was so easy to lose myself in. The world building is top-tier and you are able to understand what is going on very quickly.

I loved Marlow and Adrius together. They seemed like such a cute couple and Adrius seemed to actually care a lot about Marlow, even when nobody else did. The mystery surrounding her mother as well as Adrius’s mother was so shocking I was actually taken by surprise over a few things. I also loved all the side characters in Marlow’s part of town because the company that Adrius keeps were w bit mean for no reason. I hope they are expanded on a bit more in the second book as well! I have so many unanswered questions! I know the book isn’t even out yet but I’m already ready for the second one!