Fantastic from start to finish!

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This YA fantasy mystery will make you go...okay when will the second book be published? Marlow Briggs is well known as the best cursebreaker in Caraza City. She enjoys helping those who have been wronged. However the biggest mystery she has been trying to figure out is what happened to her mother. She disappeared and no one can give her any answers. That is until Adrius Falcrest, an old friend and scion, just so happens to need her help. This leads to more questions than answers for Marlow, but she will do whatever she can to find her mother.

Fantastic book! I was hooked right from the start. It has been a while since I have thoroughly enjoyed a YA fantasy and this one was written very well! Main character is interesting and has good development. Side characters are well established and thought out. The pacing is great as there are no dull moments in the book. The dynamic between Marlow and Adrius is done perfectly. There are also four different side queer characters which was nice to see as well. Overall, if you enjoy fantasy and are interested in a unique and thrilling world, this book is for you!