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Oh man this was a marvelous story, you know it is a good book when your mind is loud with thoughts of the events that transpired in a book. It was not like any other young adult book that I have read this year. I am telling you I was utterly lost to the world and completely invested in the story. It was the building of the fantasy world that was absolutely amazing. I may have also developed a liking for curse breaking books, it is definitely a thing now. I can not wait for what comes next after reading this magical book, I can not believe we have to wait for this to continue. oooooh and the characters....ughh how can i say that i adored them. They were well written and how can i forget about the falling in love with fake dating. I absolutely loved this story to pieces and i am happy that i won a copy to read because I found a new favorite young adult book and a new author.