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This was an amazing first look that didn't disappoint with the rest of the book! It opens on a magical speakeasy with (what I imagine to be) magical tarot cards and skyrockets off from there! I love the prickly main character who is trying to unraveller a mystery greater than herself that takes her back into the high society life she grew up in but suddenly had to leave. From the first meeting of the characters I felt like they had real history, even going past what we were told about in the book. They felt real, which is a huge accomplishment for the author! It was a lot of fun working out the different characters motivations and how they all interlocked with the main character! I am desperate to get my hands on the next book! The ending just about killed me. I cannot wait an entire year to see a certain relationship play out! I was pleasantly surprised with this book and eagerly wait for the sequel!