Couldn't Put it down

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Y'all, this is so fun, in the "f is for fire, n is for no survivors" kind of way. Marlow Briggs is a good curse breaker (the best if you ask her) but she is perfectly okay refusing to help Adrius rich-boy-who-used-to-maybe-be-her-friend Falcrest with his curse problem, but when she finds a clue about her mother's disappearance, she agrees to investigate. Come for the sass, fake dating, mysterious figures with murder vibes, and friendly neighborhood shopkeep with a shotgun named Josephine. There's also some Tragic Miscommunication, a not uncommon thing, but after I got over the urge to throttle Briggs and make her have proper conversations, the tension was generally worth it.

Especially recommend this book for folks who love Margaret Owen's characters (100% attitude, 0% regrets) and the romantic tension in Violet Made of Thorns.

Can't wait for the sequel.

(For some reason, the cover made me think there would be vampires? There are no vampires.)