As a serial series non-finisher, I actually want to finish this series.

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TLDR: Great book, with lots of twists (maybe a few too many), cool magic, and great characters. Excited to see where the story goes in the next book.

4.5* - Physical copy gifted from BookishFirst in exchange for a review.

My initial reaction upon seeing this book and reading its description:

The Cover: Epic
The Title: Epic
The Tagline: Epic
The Description: Epic

This book just looks so cool. It's not often that I am hooked by a cover, but this one does the job. There are just so many dynamic choices that give me high hopes for the story. Also the tagline, "All that Glitters can be Cursed" that is just honestly so intriguing.

My reaction upon seeing the physical copy:

Utterly stunning, what this book is hiding under the dust jacket… mwah.

My reaction to the first 50-60% of the story:

Ok, things are going well. I like this story. The character are all fun and I love the dynamics between the two leading players. Like actually peak dynamics where romance is a secondary plot element that is working in tandem to and in service to the overall storyline. The magic system is very cool and the mysteries are intriguing. Also giving mad Jester vibes.

My reaction at 85%:

I hate third-act conflicts. Very unnecessary and most of my Booksta friends agree.

My reaction at 95%:

If you do the “twist” that I think you are going to do I am going to give the biggest eye roll and sarcastic “That guy was actually the villain all along… Who could have seen that coming” It was me, I saw that coming very early in the story. I wasn't confident but I had a feeling. If it is that, ok, I guess, kind of a twist for the sake of a twist, we already had like three twists already though so it is a bit excessive. Like if you didn’t have one of those other elements ok but with them and potentially this, I’m not sure.

My reaction at 96%:

OOOHHHHH, that is what this is. Much better than what I was expecting though there is still time. But this is actually a twist I did not see coming.

I don’t trust this man to any extent but….. Things are going to get interesting.

My reaction at 100%:

That guy was actually the villain all along… Who could have seen that coming?

Ok apart from that, this is actually a very good book. It does a lot of things right and I want more. There are so many dangling threads that were set up in here that I want to see resolved. As you all know I am notorious for never finishing a series and rarely reading past book 1, but for this… I want to see what happens next. I want to see how these last-minute revelations are handled by the rest of the cast, I want to see how the romance resolves, I want to see if a romance I may have imagined is actually in here, I want to see more of the magic, I just need more.