An exciting new fantasy with a magic elite and mystery.

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From this quick excerpt the writer pulls you into a story filled with magic and mystery. The main character, Marlow, works in the poor part of town as a curse breaker. It’s not glamorous work but it’s necessary.
We don’t yet know Marlow’s story, only that she is alone and once lived a more glamorous life with her mother, who disappeared a year ago.
It seems that Marlow doesn’t have the best luck because she runs into old acquaintances while on the job, beautiful young members of the elite who clearly do not think too highly of her. But one used to be a good friend and it seems like he might need Marlow’s help with a personal curse. Marlow clearly doesn’t want to help but it seems like he won’t take no for an answer.
Readers will be pulled in by the interesting world created by Katy Rose Poole and be excited to learn more. There is a magic and mystery afoot and I am looking forward to reading the whole story.